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Daniel Flores

Da Creative Genious
Daniel Flores (aka DTM, dacreativegenius) was born in East LA with a pencil in his hand. Art became the number one fixture in his life with strong images of Aztec Warriors and Chicano Pride. Pop culture played its part as well: the earliest surviving drawing by Daniel is a line sketch of a shark rising to the surface of the water as a boat sits calmly at the top. The water surface is defined by a single line drawn across the page and the shark is nothing but a curved line with teeth in the middle; Inspired by the movie JAWS! Some of DTM's accomplishments include: First Minority owned Tattoo Studio in Atlanta, Vantage Pointe Studios 1997-2005, featured in various Atlanta and National Tattoo Publications. In 2005 DTM participated in a group Art Exhibit that was featured inside the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, Art + Beats & Lyrics. In 2008 DTM founded Mano A Mano Art Shows, a series of art shows, to give young artists a platform to showcase their arts in a friendly art show setting. Art is King and The Black Book Conversations are extensions of Mano A Mano and include programs that give artists access to business information and professionals who can help an artist career get off the ground. Now onto our third year, Art Is King has set the stage for artists to live the Art Life as true art professionals. DTM is always open to new experiences and that has brought him to the tech industry by way of Startup Weekend, RHOK and various hackathons and meet ups. Inspired by the work of others at Hypepotamus, ATDC, 151 Locust and Flashpoint, DTM has taken the steps to working with rising startups like Get Goals, FlagStamp, The Garage Biz, VehWare and his own Mobile Game Startup Visual Art Werks at Atlanta Tech Village. It feels good to be an artist entrepreneur! www.deltatangomike.com

My Speakers Sessions

Wednesday, October 8

3:00pm EDT