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Dan Dacreativegenius Flores

Delta Tango Mike
Creative Genius
Atlanta, Georgia
DTM began drawing at the young age of 3 years old, at least that is the story suggested by the earliest surviving drawing held by DTM's mother, a drawing dated 1975, DTM was born in 1972.

Born and raised in East LA, DTM was exposed to the Chicano Movement and created his identity of a strong Mexican-American, an identity he has used to inspire the creative process of his art.DTM spent five years in Mexico City and that helped cement his pride in the Azteca Culture, a source of much of his current art and designs.

In 1994 DTM headed to Atlanta to become part of the creative explosion that fed the arrival of the 1996 International Olympic Games. DTM's goal was to establish himself as a comic book artist in the small artist community at the time.

Fate had other plans, in 1995 a friend dropped DTM off at West End Tattoo in hopes of acquiring a tattoo apprenticeship.DTM's level of skill made him an ideal candidate and that started a path that took him to Super-Man's Tattoo in Decatur and later allowed DTM to open Vantage Pointe Studio with Lord Yatta, Mecca, Yesca, Pay and Wise as business partners in 1997.

In 2002 Atlantans awarded Vantage Pointe Studios the Creative Loafing's Best of Atlanta Tattoo Studio. VPS, as the tattoo shop later became known, was featured in various publications including Prick Magazine, Rolling Out and ONE Atlanta.

As 2005 drew to a close, DTM expanded his artistic reach to include graphic design for web and print. He then started Denominator
Graphics to focus on the finer aspects of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Web Design and Brand Marketing are the main goals.

In 2008 DTM was tapped to start a series of art shows in East Atlanta where visual artists can freely express themselves and come together to share the stage. Mano A Mano Art Shows has included the best artists Atlanta has to offer including awesome djs like DJ Osmose and Sir NerveX. Mano A Mano has become a successful art show that's more than an art exhibit, it's a celebration of art, music and community support and upliftment.

In 2012 DTM and Aisha Flores have produced a series of Artist Conversations (www.tbbcatl.com) where artists and business professionals can share tips and business strategies. A 3 day event has been prepared (www.artisking.org) as a culmination of all that hard work.

DTM is committed to serve as an artist, curator and friend to artists and the community at large.
It feels good to be an artist!

DTM -dacreativegenius